Moving to a bigger house can be prohibitively expensive. Besides, what if you aren’t sold on the idea of upping sticks – but just want to make more of the home you love?

An extension can breathe new life into your existing property, providing the additional living area you’ve always craved – on your own doorstep.

At S.A.M Brickwork, we’ve been building home extensions for years - transforming accommodation that’s become a bit of a squeeze, into practical space where you can spread your wings. Single storey, two storeys, something more wraparound – whatever takes your fancy and fits the budget. Here’s a snapshot of the type of projects we undertake

  • ‍enlarging an existing kitchen
  • creating an additional bedroom
  • turning a forgotten attic into a games room
  • making room for a home office
  • building an indoor swimming pool and leisure area 

We can handle all stages of the construction process, or work alongside other specialist contractors to bring the project to fruition.

Extending an existing property can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience. It can also change life for the better.

So if you feel the time’s arrived to turn your existing accommodation into the home you always wanted it to be - we’d be delighted to turn the plan into reality.