Re Pointing

If you own an older or period property, chances are at some stage the cement between the bricks – the pointing - may start to crack and crumble, eventually turning to dust.

New homes can also be affected.  If water gets into the cement and then it freezes, this can weaken the pointing, causing it to fall out.  Preventing water penetration is one of the most common reasons for re-pointing brick masonry.

There’s a fine art to re-pointing and achieving the right finish can be a fiddly job.  But, as specialist bricklayers, it’s part and parcel of what we do. So allow us to make the necessary repairs - correctly and with the minimum of fuss.  

What’s more, repairing your brickwork won’t only improve the property’s overall appearance and character – it could also add value when you come to resell.   

If you suspect the brickwork on your house needs re-pointing, we can provide the remedy!